Particle RADIX Built for DeFi and for Future Finance Introducing Radix - the layer one Distributed Ledger Technology built with DeFi and Future Finance in mind. Particle The Trilemma Solved by RADIX Crypro projects have to balance security, decentralization and scalability, compromising on at least one of the three.
RADIX has the solution.


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Introducing RADIX, designed not only for DeFi but for future finance.

Solving the DLT trilemma whilst maintaining atomic composability.

Radix uses Proof of Stake to secure the network from bad actors.

Radix nodes require few resources to process transactions on the network,

allowing anyone to take part in securing the network.

Radix’s goal has always been for even low power devices,

such as the Raspberry Pi, to be able to take part in network consensus.

Allowing for decentralization on a scale never before whitnessed.

Radix is linearly scalable.

The more nodes that take part, the more transactions the network is capable of processing.

So far Radix has achived ~1.4 million transactions per second, with just ~1100 nodes.

Atomic composability provides the ability to create complex transactions

made of multiple other transactions across multiple shards,

that only complete if all are viable.

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